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Love Tree Farm was founded in 2015 by Isaac Russell and his wife Lia Littlewood. Through fundraising for, and their friendship with Mike Ivers, Isaac and Lia fully committed to addressing the problem of Food Insecurity in Yuma County.

How could nearly every other child, and nearly one in four households, not know where their next meal was coming from, when we’re literally surrounded by some of the most fertile farmland on earth? Why isn’t everyone engaged in solving this critical problem? They figured that, if they could make a difference, they should make as big a difference as possible.

With the help of some prominent Yumans, Isaac and Lia set up a non-profit, began having workshops at their home gardens, and started giving back to the community. After almost two years of work, in May of 2017, Love Tree Farm was awarded 501 (c)(3) status by the IRS, as well as 170 (b)(1)(A)(vi) Public Charity status. Subsequently, Love Tree Farm was granted Qualified Charitable Organization status by Arizona Secretary of State’s Department of Revenue. Today, Love Tree Farm grows food on 5 acres in the Yuma Valley year-round. We also produce eggs, and chickens on 5 acres on the Yuma Mesa.

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